Henrik Lundqvist post Sweden/Germany Olympic game interview

Friday, February 19, 2010

You have to watch this post game interview with Henrik. I thought it was just the normal "oh my god hurry up I'm sweating to death and tired go away" post game interview but no, this is cute and hot and I'm screencapping it to share it with you.

I know, a cute and hot hockey interview? Cute and hot in the same interview? Watch and you shall see.

The first thing you need to notice is that he keeps getting distracted by something over to the upper left. Someone in the stands? Swedish bikini team? His girlfriend waving at him? These are questions that inquiring minds want answered!

Notice how he's distracted by something to the left and is trying not to laugh.

Damn. I wish that was me he was looking at.

Yes Henrik, you are the man. I love his crooked smile. Not just an amazing nearly unstoppable (with a good team) goalie, but so damn adorable and handsome too.
This one is here just for the eyelashes. Look at his eyelashes! Long! Gorgeous! I'm jealous.
Now this one, just so cute! You just can't help yourself wanting to give him a nougie or rub noses with him. Absolutely adorable. I'm so glad he's enjoying himself here. He looks like a little naughty boy having fun.
"I'll be home soon honey, you better be ready and waiting!" UNF
This is just adorable! I just want to reach out and pinch his cheeks like his grandma used to do.
He's caught surprised here. But look at his eyes, does he have a wonky left eye? Or is it just the camera angle?
Again the severe lip biting. So cute!
And here he is completely distracted now. I am dying to know what was going on to his left. He is biting his lips trying so hard not to lose it during an interview.
Doesn't he look like a little kid trying not to laugh at something another kid is doing? So cute! See, there's the cute I told you about.

What a perfect shot. Poor guy though, he's covered in sweat. He said it was really warm in there and felt like he had dealt with 40 shots not 21.

All I can say to this is HOT DAMN.

Don't laugh!


Tere said...

"Competition video from the 2010 Winter Olympics is restricted to viewers within the United States "


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