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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think it's a great idea to post photos of Hank while there's no news on him today. Hopefully the practice Team Sweden had went well and right now Hank is snoozing dreaming of stopping all pucks no problem at all.

It's funny how many nicknames Henrik has. There's King Henry, King Henrik, The King from the press. Hank and Lambo are from his teammates. I think Lambo refers to the Lamborghini Henrik owned that he wrecked hydroplaning while driving to practice. Then there's Henke and Lunkan from Sweden.

Here's the lambo that Henrik wrecked while driving to practice. It was raining and Hank was going too fast and hydroplaned. Didn't Henrik know that's what happens when it rains and you're driving too damn fast in a ridiculous sports car? Well, he does now.

Henrik guitar Warren 77 opening
Henrik playing guitar at the opening of Sean Avery's bar Warren 77. What can't Hank do?

Henrik Sean Avery candid
Photo by Sean Avery of Voros and Lundqvist. Since Hank is such a fashion maven I'm really surprised to see hideous black socks with a white robe while he's laying down on bed. Ditch the socks Hank! Ditch the robe too while you're at it.

henrik and joel
Henrik and his twin brother Joel. It's easy to tell them apart even though it looks like they're nearly identical.


Carol said...

My husband would probably shed a tear if he saw that crashed Lamborghini. Boys and their toys...Glad no one was hurt though.

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