Henrik Lundqvist Leaving Vancouver

Friday, February 26, 2010

Expression caught up with Henrik as he checking in at the Vancouver airport. Swedish interview here. Screencaps below.

Stressed about checking in? I hate to fly too.

He looks tired. Poor Henrik.

He's got two carts of luggage. One full of big bags of hockey gear, and the other the hockey sticks, suitcase and carry on. That's a lot of luggage! He shouldn't have to cart those around and deal with it himself. He needs a personal assistant. I'm sure someone would be willing to volunteer for the job. Being around Henrik, helping him errands, such a tough job! :)

You can see the big New York Rangers bags on one cart, the Swedish Olympic bag on the floor, suitcase standing up next to the second cars and Henrik holding the case with hockey sticks.

This guy is such a snappy dresser. He's flying who knows how many hours to New York from Vancouver, with probably a heck of a layover due to the snowstorm on the east coast, and yet he's wearing a suit. When I fly I like to be comfy. Perhaps suits are comfy for him? He is certainly built for wearing suits.

Anyone in O'Hare? Check and see if Hank is stuck on concourse C anywhere. Give the guy a hug.


Carol said...

I seriously love the puppy photo!! So adorable!!!!

Carol said...

Oops...I posted that on the wrong thread. You can delete the puppy comment from here if you'd like.

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