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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Faces of Scandanavia has contacted me about their contest:

"Let the Faces of Scandinavia inspire you to travel to Scandinavia. Upload your own travel story to win a trip to Scandinavia or comment on the stories and enter to win an iPad2 with travel case."

And one of the faces of Scandanavia is - surprise- Henrik!

Most of my time that I spend in Sweden during the summer, I spend on the west coast with it’s small beautiful fish harbors. My favorite spot is an island outside Gothenburg called Käringön, it’s a beautiful little island that you can only reach by boat. You can go there by your own boat or the public ferry, it takes 15 minutes. There are only about 100 people living on the island all year around. One of the best things with the island is that there are no cars, and it has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. When you arrive to the island you just want to run into the ocean and take a quick dip before dinner at Petterson’s restaurant; the perfect Swedish summer day. I brought my friends from New York to Käringön last summer, a bigger contrast from our lives in the city compared to the west coast in Sweden is impossible to get. Käringön is a perfect place for families with kids and dogs, you never loose them because the island is too small, and you can walk around the whole island during an hour. Enjoy!

Comment about Henrik's story and you could win a trip! I'd love to visit that island off Sweden. I'd love to visit Sweden, period. Especially Gothenburg where Frolunda Indians play, the team  Henrik used to play for.

Here's the press release:
Nordic Celebrities Campaigns to Attract U.S. Tourists
VisitDenmark, Innovation Norway, VisitFinland, VisitSweden and Icelandair once again summons some of their most famous Nordic celebrities in the joint campaign “Faces of Scandinavia”. After last year’s successful campaign several well-known celebrities will once again do their best to to inspire U.S. travelers to visit their favorite Nordic destinations.“Many prominent Nordic celebrities are proud of their heritage and is therefore willing to tell their stories of their favorite destinations in the region. Last year’s campaign was a success and gained a lot of attention and we are therefore targeting the U.S. once again, since it is the most important market for tourism for Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden,” says Beate Gran, Innovation
Faces of Scandinavia’s campaign promotes Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden as four European destinations that combined make for one exciting vacation, with Icelandair as the preferred airline. The campaign is centered around a site where visitors can plan their trips by interacting or uploading their own face and share their travel stories, as well as finding out what both famous Nordic ambassadors as well as engaged locals loves about their home countries.
Faces of Scandinavia’s collaborator and mobile travel application, Guidepal, will guide the American travelers in Scandinavia via their smartphones.
“Conscious U.S. travelers today are using the web to search for personal recommendations rather than relying on glossy travel broschures and articles for their travel decisions. That is why we are creating this crowdsourced platform where people themselves can share their local knowledge in a much more personal way,” says Helena Niskanen, VisitFinland.
On the campaign site,, those who are curious about the region can enter a contest and win two roundtrip tickets to destination of choice, courtesy of Icelandair: to Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland. Visitors may also enter to win iPads, courtesy of Guidepal, T-shirts from Moods of Norway, jewerly from Efva Attling, “noma” cook book fram Copenhagen’s celebrity chef Rene Redzepi, glassware from Iittala, and skincare products from Lumene.
The “Faces of Scandinavia” contest starts today and will continue until July 13th, 2011, when the winner will be announced.


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