Henrik and Game 4

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I think I'm finally recovering the ability to think and not moping. This morning I was pretty much just still stunned. How could this have happened? I feel so bad for Henrik having to work so hard, make 49 saves, go into double overtime, just to have a teammate screw up horribly when Henrik was jumping on the puck. We lost the game due to that screwup. Oh yes I know we had 7 powerplays and we did nothing with them, but to lose the game in double overtime due to a mistake from a teammate, well that's harsh. I bet Henrik just wanted to keel over on the ice and just lie there.

Henrik was flat out amazing, stunning, what have you. Here's his save on Ovechkin that had #8 just stunned at not making the goal.

Forty-nine saves over more than 92 minutes and this is what Henrik Lundqvist got for it. The puck was basically stolen from him by his own teammate, Marian Gaborik, hurtling back clumsily on defense. Then it was hitting Jason Chimera in the chest and rolling behind the goalie onto the stick of Chimera in front of an empty Ranger net for the game winner.

How fair is that? Lundqvist had fought cramps, dehydration, fatigue, a veritable siege from Washington's mighty forwards. And it was all gone with one messy clearance, a miscommunication and a flick of Chimera's stick. Game 4, which had belonged so definitively to the Rangers, was now an aching memory, a 4-3 loss in double overtime and a 3-1 series lead for the Caps.

The rest of the article is at NY Daily News. And here's ESPN's take on it.

First Gaborik disappears for weeks and doesn't score and then he costs us the game. Do you think the team held Gaborik down and let Henrik beat the crap out of him?


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