Henrik Grows a Beard Because He Can

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Henrik is a beast. We all knew that. But he's damn cool too. According to Andrew Gross, Henrik is not doing the 'stache but instead will go with a full beard
Henrik grows a beard like a boss. He also says that Dubi's mustache is so bad it's good and it's one of the uglier ones he's ever seen. LOL

The Capitals have been quoted as saying that they plan to put more pressure on Henrik during Game 4. Going after Lundqvist really is the only way to beat the NY Rangers.

And Henrik's thoughts after practice today:
We're not thinking about what they feel or how they're going to respond, we need to focus now because we need this win. We need to raise our game because they are going come back hard after a loss like that. But we're not going to think about where they are mentally or physically. We're still down and we want to tie this up


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