Henrik Lundqvist Restaurant Tiny's Opening Soon

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From UrbanDaddy:

You’ll call it Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs, a precious little five-hole in the wall from the Warren 77 team (including Sean Avery and Henrik Lundqvist) that’ll handle intra-office lunch dates, fireside cocktail congregations and postgame Rangers locker room spillover, opening Friday and taking reservations now.

I am underwhelmed with the interior.


Anna said...

Those seats look terribly, terribly uncomfortable... I guess I can understand the look they're going for (even though I'm not too impressed about that either), but seriously... if I'm at a restaurant I want comfort!

christine said...

I was stunned speechless. You think Henrik and Avery, the two most fashionable men in the NHL, and you think sleek leather/chrome modern awesome. What we have is 1800s crap dragged out of a barn.

I honestly thought from the photos that the place wasn't finished. Even with this being Henrik's restaurant, I don't think I'll go in there. It looks so uncomfortable and just not some place I'd like to hang out in. :(

Anna said...

I doubt they've had much to do with any designs though, Henrik said he maybe spend an hour then and then on it but not more than that.

christine said...

That makes me feel better then! We'll just blame the designer for getting Henrik's idea wrong.

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