Henrik Takes on Capitals on Wednesday

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank the Swedish Viking Hockey Gods that Henrik made the playoffs this year. I didn't want him to be standing on the deck railing of his Manhattan penthouse if they missed playoffs for the second year in a row.

A lot of the pre game reviews I've read have the Capitals winning in 6 games or so. I hope not. Henrik deserves much more than that, but I don't know if he can keep winning since he'll be playing in all the games.

Here's poem BombersGmenBlueshirts25 wrote to spur the NY Rangers to victory:

It now is time for our hopes to take wing

Here comes the Artillery, the Pope, and the King

Forth to victory, glory, and the Cup perhaps

But first we must get past those choke-happy Caps

The first step to achieving our victorious hour

Lies in those young lads, McDonagh and Sauer

Defense is key to Washington's fall

And we've got it locked down, ask Girardi and Staal

They have a swell coach, that jolly plump fella

But nothing quite like our own Tortorella

Our team has big balls, and don't forget jam

We play with good pace, according to Sam

Though pucks may break legs, they cannot break a man

Especially the Jam-Master, gutsy Mr. Callahan

We'll win it for him, our beloved Twenty-Four

Then he'll return to the ice, and unleash a loud Garden roar

And if yet again Ovie tries to get frisky

We'll beat his ass down- just ask Brandon Dubinsky

When a big goal is needed, he just might give you two

Prompting us all to shout DUBY DUBY DOOOOOOOO

To achieve the victory for which we all lust

We must follow the lead of the brilliant Pope Prust

Not only does he score, he does it shorthanded

And we got him for Higgins, what a prize to have landed

We save him for last, #1 does he rank

In all of our hearts, the stopper King Hank

How does he do it, year in and year out

In the Garden they cheer, and "HEN-RIK" they shout

So here we are, I know there's some I've ignored

But really, when's the last time Christensen scored?

And if it all goes wrong and the Rangers get outed

At least we know who to blame... DAMN YOU CAM TALBOT

LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anna said...

He'll be the key for them to win, I don't think anyone can disagree with that. I think they can do it, I'm hopeful at least.

Nice to see you back!

christine said...

He definitely is the key. I was so worried about them not making playoffs that I quit posting (except for his birthday) so that I wouldn't jinx it! LOL I was so excited last year and then they didn't make it. Now I'll have to do this every year. :P

Anna said...

I was so worried too, I didn't have much hope on saturday. Watched both games, the Tampa Bay one started at 1am lol. Went out to town between the games to relax myself lol.

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