How Henrik Lundqvist Prepares for the Stanley Cup Playoff Games

Monday, April 18, 2011

henrik lundqvist locker room Look at how sexy his feet are! And how narrow. I love these behind the scenes photos.

New York Rangers' first chance in the Stanley Cup playoffs are on Henrik Lundqvist.
Goalkeeper fill up with meticulous preparation in the form of silence, solitude and a long shower.
- To determine how well I play, "he says.
"You should have the same feeling whether it's a goal or a rescue."
The idea is that Henrik Lundqvist use to describe what mental strength means to him.

More than a phone call from the hotel room in Washington says the goalkeeper for the TT on the process to achieve the right feel for the game after game during the long season in the NHL.

"When I was younger it was just to go out and play, but the older I become the more I started thinking. Now I am very particular about my preparations and try to have a clear head when it's time for the match, "he says.

-Then it is all very different. Our second goalie, Martin Biron, talking out of the place and it is only with one minute left as he gets ready.

Henrik Lundqvist's path is much longer than that.

Even when he wakes up, the idea is set for tonight's match and one hour into the afternoon intensified preparations.

-When I listen to music, resting and relaxing. While I go through what is good for my game, how to keep the gloves, how to touch me, the basic position should be, "he says.

With two and a half hour before face-off Lundqvist arriving to the arena in a suit and step into a noisy dressing room that is filled with adrenaline fueled opponents of the New York Rangers.

"I'm not a sound when I come. If anyone asks or says something so they often just some sort of nod back, "he says.

After the goalkeeper has collected thoughts over a 20-minute showers, becoming the procedure of taping the sticks while he listens to music with big headphones that will not allow any sound from the outside world bother him.

- There is no Lattjo, laughter or football heating with the others on the team, but I do everything alone. The only thing that applies to me is the match and the more important the match is even quieter, I am, "he says.

When Henrik Lundqvist then, is the first New York Rangers player who puts the right skate on the ice and takes a few quick cuts to the first objective is the preparation overall.

The mental strength has made him one of the NHL's top goalies.
After 82 rounds of the series because he was alone with eleven zeros, and was also featured in the top of all columns for goalie stats.

Now it is very up to Lundqvist, the first playoff round against Washington should stop - which is home audience knows about.

Before Sunday's match, when New York Rangers reduced to 1-2 in games, yielded 18 200 spectators Swede a massive welcome by chanting his name.
- There is great pressure on us goalkeepers and it's no secret that we have to play well for the team to have a chance to win, "he says.

TT: What would it mean for you to win the Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers?
"It's a dream, a big dream. Getting the win with New York would be great. But there is no objective - that is to win the next game. I will not look too far ahead.

So do Henke Lundqvist:
For each match uses Henrik Lundqvist of the same preparation. Even on the ice, he practices. So here he says of his habits:

He is the last player to leave the locker room, but is first out on the ice. "The same routine that I've had since I jumped into the playoffs with Frölunda when Petter Rönnqvist injured."

He hits the club twice in the ice, once a right-pole and two on one benskyddet. Then he cranks arms two laps, stretching one leg and sliding towards the goal area of ​​staring into the ice. "There are procedures that I use about four times a week in the game. It's nice - but not the whole world if I do just so."

During breaks he rests his arms against the shin and staring into the ice. "I collect ideas. Collectables force. Will the same thoughts as before a game. Since it does not take many minutes until everything is on edge again.


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