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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From Henrik Lundqvist

It's way past time to share some of the terms people use to find this blog. Or accidentally find it. Or something. Because some of these terms just make me shake my head and wonder how the heck they found my blog!

The all time most used term is Lundqvist f-bomb. I guess everyone was surprised by Henrik dropping the f bomb on TV. He is a very well behaved guy, but that defeat was just too much to take.

One that just amazes me that's in the top 10 is Sean Avery slash fiction. I just don't understand. He is not remotely attractive to me! But if you hanker for some hot hot Sean Avery slash fiction, there's some links to it on this post.

Another top five term is Henrik Lundqvist girlfriend, which is no surprise as we're all interested in who he's dating, living with, etc and want to know if we still have a chance! Here's a post on what Henrik is looking for in his girlfriend. And here's a post on Henrik Lundqvist's girlfriend Therese. Lucky woman!

Number 14 is topless Henrik Lundqvist! YEAH that's the reason for this blog right here! LOL

Whomever searched for 'who is the guy that wears hockey mask in porn', do you know something about Henrik that we don't? Email me!

I really like the term 'topless hockey'. I don't know who used it, there are five of you out there, but I think it's a great idea! An NHL topless hockey benefit game! I would pay to see that!

A few of you wondered if Henrik Lundqvist has children. The answer is no. That I know of. ;)

Whomever came to this blog from search for 'happy easter wishes from god', well I'm sorry. You were probably traumatized after seeing Henrik as the Easter bunny!

Those searching for Henrik Lundqvist cell phone will be disappointed because I don't know it either, but I imagine 800-SWE-STUD would reach him.

Whoever is searching for 'sidney crosby condoms', uh ... I don't know what to tell you.

'henrik lundqvist photos in underwear', I'm trying to find those too!

'how to make a sidney crosby voodoo doll' LMAO

'how to rock the slicked back hockey look' LMAO

'lady gaga henrik' No, as far as I know Henrik and Lady Gaga are not involved. He has more fashion sense than that. Though I love her music!

'picture of overweight shirtless grass' What?

'lots-of-hugging bear' LOL
From Henrik Lundqvist


Carol said...

Hahahahahaha!!! That's all I can say to some of those...hahahaha!!

I didn't know you could check that sort of there a blogger statistics page or something?

I have a blog about goalies in general and one about Jose Theodore, so I'd be interested in checking these things...although I don't think anyone is finding my blogs. :(

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