Hot Swedish Twins Video! Henrik and Joel Lundqvist

Monday, July 19, 2010

From Henrik Lundqvist

LOL I've got your hot Swedish twins right here! Henrik and Joel are playing doubles at that celebrity tennis tournament in Bastad.

You'll see more of Joel than Henrik in the beginning. Actually a 1 second shot of Henrik and a few seconds of Joel. Then at 1:49 you can see our hot Swede serve! With his shirt flying up!

A hug from Henrik to our favorite sharp eyed reader Trish! Thanks for sharing the hot Swedish twin action! LOL


Trish said...

Swedish twins... swoon. Although not all hockey playing twins are swoon-worthy. Too bad this ( was the Sedins not the Lundqvists :(

And careful study had shown that you can see Joel in the other video too, just mostly from behind. You wouldn't know it was him without knowing he was there from the second video.

Poor Joel. I feel like he always gets ignored. It's not his fault that Hank is older, (slightly) prettier, and a better hockey player...

Carol said...

Thanks for posting this!!!

I love Henrik and Joel...I must stay I'm more partial to Henrik, because he's a goalie. I just love goalies!!

And he's "(slightly) prettier" as you say.

But I adore them both, and I would love to be the meat in their sandwich...I'm just saying...

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