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Thursday, July 15, 2010

From Henrik Lundqvist

Thanks to Trish who stalked Henrik, hunted him down and provided this interview, we have a new and current video interview with Henrik! Henrik shows up at the 2:30 mark and is in the video till the end.

It's apparently a celebrity tennis doubles match in Bastad, home of Henrik's parents.

At the 2:30 mark he's in the white polo with red and blue sleeves on the tennis court with the white band right under his left knee. Notice how he moves. I think he's limping! He misses a shot or something and then bends over and playfully slams the racket against the court.

From Henrik Lundqvist

At the 3:30 mark you can see him dressed snazzy with extremely white shoes on and a fuzzy gray mouse attached to his face. The mouse is microphone. Does he have a bigger head than the other guy they're interviewing? The other guy's mic is away from his face, but Hank's is attached like a crazed fangirl that won't let go.

Henrik has some blond highlights from the sun and is quite tan. Not even the fuzzy mouse can detract from his looks!

From Henrik Lundqvist

Trish didn't really hunt down Henrik in Bastad. But she did stalk him on the internet! LOL


Trish said...

Haha, the way you worded it makes it sound like I hunted him down in Sweden and forced him to let me interview him.

Hmm... not a bad idea now that I think about it... :p

christine said...

LOL. Ok I'll fix it!

christine said...

Do you like how I fixed it? :)

Trish said...

Clever :p

But I don't think he's limping - that was a serve (they called him for a foot fault), so it's always going to look awkward... Plus I'd hope he's not dumb enough to play tennis of all things if his knee is actually still injured - it can be pretty rough on knees. Sure we got Biron, but I'm pretty sure the team wasn't planning on Martin playing all the time because Hank reinjured his knee playing tennis :p

Robyn said...

He looks so HOT in this video!! I was going through serious Henrik withdrawls, so thanks to Trish for finding & posting this, & Christing for the screen caps!

Carol said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Love his highlights in his hair. I always like to hear him speak Swedish, even though I can't understand a damn word he says, because he seems more at ease and relaxed than when speaking English.

Trish said...

Err... More stalking.

HL is only a blur at the beginning, and then the end is the same foot-faulted serve as the other video, but from a different angle. However, methinks JL also surfaces at the beginning in this one. Meloves me some Swedish twins :)

Carol said...

Agreed...Joel was definitely in there a few times. He was in the middle with Henrik shaking hands at the net also. I love those Lundqvist boys!!

I love getting to see Henrik's hair more "casual."

And I swear the two women being interviewed said "Henke" more than I think they were saying how awesome Henrik is. ;o) That's my interpretation of Swedish anyway.

Thanks for sharing!!! Henrik and Joel...happy thoughts for the rest of my workday.

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