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Friday, May 28, 2010

Voros tweeted again

Who's is who's... Voros, Lundqvist, & Avery... All turning a driveway into a parking lot in Southampton.

I think that truck (you can just see the back end) is Voros'. LOL Hank has the Maeserati, the black one near the street. Avery has laughed at anyone with an Audi so that can't be his. Perhaps Avery has the truck?


Anonymous said...

Voros owns the silver Mercedes

christine said...

I just want to seen NHL pro drive an old beater car. Just once.

Carol said...

I agree about the silver car. I'd seen it on Voros's Twitter, so I guessed it was his. I don't like the way the tires are all black with no visible rims. Makes it look like an old car with missing rims. Blech. If I had the money, there's no way I'd drive a beater either. ;o) I'd have a nice house, a housekeeper, a cook, a nice car and a pool. That would be enough. Not asking for much.

christine said...

I've always wanted to win the lottery so I could drive a Porsche 911 around with a canoe on top. Just for kicks. And laughs. And because I had the money to do it.

I didn't notice the black on black tires but you're right, it looks horrible.

I'd take a beach house on St Simon's Island, I've always wanted a Maeserati Spyder even before Hank got a Maeserati. Someone to clean the house. Someone to cook. Horses. A laundry chute because I'm still a kid and it's too much fun shoving stuff in there and listening to it fall. A library in the house. A solarium. Flower garden. Lots of bird feeders and catnip for the cats. Live in masseuse/bedwarmer/butler. LOL

Carol said...

I tried to see Voros's Twitter posts just now, and it came up with no matches. Then I found on a Rangers forum where Voros has supposedly deleted his Twitter account. Wonder if Hank didn't appreciate his posts about him...or Voros just got tired of it. For whatever reason, I think our backdoor to Hank's private life is over. Bummer...

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