Friday, May 28, 2010


Thanks for @voros34 we have a lovely photo of Henrik in the Hamptons. Voros also says:

Henrik asks if any of u r in the Hampton's this weekend to give him a call @ 917-375-****. Jerk won't give me rest.

I'm sure there's some program out there that will spit out all 4 number combinations of 0-9. Let's get to it Henrik Hoors! LOL

BTW, what in the heck is Henrik wearing? Is it a skirt? Or what? It's hideous.


Carol said...

OMG! OMG! OMG!!! I think they are shorts with the legs hiked up. He has such a nice tan. I hope he uses a good sunscreen so he doesn't get skin cancer later on. His young teammates crack me up.

Great find, Christine!!!

Carol said...

Ok, oops. Didn't realize Voros isn't any younger than Henrik. He just seems a lot younger. I thought maybe since he does all the Twittering he was younger or something...I bet Henrik loved this tweet.

christine said...

How old is Voros? I thought he was younger than Hank.

Carol said...

Voros was born on July 2, 1981, so he's almost 29. So he's actually a little older than Henrik. I was surprised.

christine said...

WOW Hank always acts so much older than his age. The only time I saw him goofy or younger was at the Olympics.

Carol said...

I agree...he looks and acts much more mature than those other guys. That's why I assumed Voros was in his early 20s.

I was looking at this photo again...my favorite spot and where my eyes keep wandering to is right about his butt...his trunks/shorts come down to right above his butt...his hockey butt. So nice.

Trish said...

Avery's even older - Hank is actually the baby of the Tripod :p

But yeah, he looks older, probably in no small part due to the tanning in the picture. Seriously, skin cancer isn't always later on, Hank, be careful... I have friends in their 20s who have had to have malignant moles removed.

If he needs it, I would gladly help him with the sunscreen application. And the re-applications because, you know, you can just never be too safe ;)

Oh, and 0-9 can only be combined 10,000 ways, so if you've got the time, you can absolutely spam Voros with lots of tweets ;)

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