Hank Still At Hamptons

Monday, May 31, 2010

Voros wonders on Twitter

Does anybody know if any child labor laws are being broken by Mr. Lundqvist, aka Lambo, AKA Mr. PH-D?

There's a few things to take note of in this photo. 1. The wheels on Hank's Maeserati are awesome. 2. That kid is living the high life. He had a rolex on in Voros' other photo. 3. Hank looks like the kid's uncle. 4. He does look like a professor of literature or foreign languages in those clothes.

Let's zoom in the Doctorate outfit, shall we?

I tried to sharpen the image, but it's still pretty choppy. We can get a better glimpse of Hank's Professor clothing. He looks like your next door neighbor the college professor. If he was a professor anywhere, of anything, you know damn well there'd be a waiting list of a year to get into his classes! He could stand up there and read the phone book and the class would be packed. I wonder if he'd accept extra credit? ;)


Carol said...

That's a hilarious photo!! Does Voros say anywhere who the chid's parents are? I really like that professor look...he'd look good as anything though.

Carol said...

I wonder if the guys are watching the Stanley Cup Finals while they are in the Hamptons. Or if it's too painful still to watch...I just want the Blackhawks to go down! No matter how it happens.

Carol said...

Did you guys hear that Voros deleted his Twitter account a couple weeks ago? Not long after this post, actually. I wonder what happened...So now we don't get anymore inside scoop on Henrik. :(

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