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Thursday, November 4, 2010

henrik lundqvist sweden
From Faces of Scandinavia we find out a little more of what Henrik treasures about Sweden his homeland.

Most of my time that I spend in Sweden during the summer, I spend on the west coast with it’s small beautiful fish harbors. My favorite spot is an island outside Gothenburg called Käringön, it’s a beautiful little island that you can only reach by boat. You can go there by your own boat or the public ferry, it takes 15 minutes. There are only about 100 people living on the island all year around. One of the best things with the island is that there are no cars, and it has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. When you arrive to the island you just want to run into the ocean and take a quick dip before dinner at Petterson’s restaurant; the perfect Swedish summer day. I brought my friends from New York to Käringön last summer, a bigger contrast from our lives in the city compared to the west coast in Sweden is impossible to get. Käringön is a perfect place for families with kids and dogs, you never loose them because the island is too small, and you can walk around the whole island during an hour. Enjoy!

He's said before in an interview that he loves being on the water in his boat. I bet that island is absolutely gorgeous.


Anna said...

Haha, I've been there. It's a nice little island, and like he said there's no traffic so it's extremely calm.

christine said...

Do you have any photos of the island? It sounds like Martha's Vineyard with no cars and a beautiful island.

Anna said...

No personal ones, sorry. I do have some photoss of when I was on a ferry at Gothenburgs west coast, but not of Käringön in particular. But just go to google pictures, there are some pics there.
No idea what Martha's vineyard is, but yeah it's lovely there. And I have to agree with Henrik that there's no bigger contrast between Swedens coast islands and New York, having been in both within the same month. Completely manic vs. completely peaceful.

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