Henrik Lundqvist's Restaurant?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

From henrik lundqvist

According to the NY Post today, Henrik along with Sean Avery and some other partners are working on a restaurant named Tiny's in TriBeCa. The restaurant is not open yet but Henrik says it will be his favorite place once it's opened.

I hope they'll have door guards to keep the autograph seekers out. Or make them eat a meal first. But wouldn't that be amazing a place that Henrik is known to hang out at a lot? "Oh I ate at Henrik's today for lunch." How cool would that be? I hope he puts some Swedish home cooking on the menu.
From henrik lundqvist

He says he's looking forward to going there after games. They plan to make the restaurant high end home cooking. Mac and cheese made with gourmet cheese? Meat loaf with truffles? I'm not sure how you can make home cooking high end. But I'm willing to try it out. I know, I'll take one for the team to go to Henrik's restaurant. Such a sacrifice. LOL
From henrik lundqvist


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