Henrik Lundqvist Hockey Skates Sharpening Method

Monday, November 1, 2010

There's been quite a bit of talk about this recently. Apparently the way Henrik has his skates sharpened is very unusual. But it's not unusual in Sweden at all.

Lundqvist asks for specific work on his inside edges, because he likes to play low and uses the T-push method Roberto Luongo is trying this season. His style of sharpening is unusual in North America, but common in Sweden.

Henrik Lundqvist
Henrik Lundqvist by Winston Bull

He gets his skates sharpened only twice a year with a very high cut on the inside blade.

This is an explanation of the T-push method that Henrik is using. I cut out a lot of the article so if you want steps and more in depth information go to the article itself. From this goalie site:

The T-push is the skating movement most frequently used by goalies. It is used to follow passes, rebounds, and skaters that move with great speed while handling the puck in the defensive zone. It is also used when the goalie goes to stop the puck behind the net.

The T-push is used by goalies so frequently because it allows them to move in their crease with the most speed and efficiency.

One of the things I stress the most with young goaltenders is that they cannot expect to be fast and have success making saves, unless they always push hard and stop hard.
King Henrik
King Henrik by jmac33208

When the goalie is required to rotate in order to adjust to a change of direction, the steps are very similar to the ones from the butterly position with the only difference being that the goalie is on her feet.

If a goalie executes a strong push and is moving with great speed, he will then have to stop the hardest he can. The stop always has to match the push.

If the goalie does not stop hard he will still keep gliding and as a result he will not be able to set quickly enough to face the shot.

King Henrik of NYC
King Henrik of NYC by Christer Olsson

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