Henrik Lundqvist Injured in Practice Today!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Henrik in practice took a puck to the neck. Brian Boyle made the shot. It went between the mask and neck guard. No word on how fast the puck was going. But reports are that he is now OK after receiving treatment from training staff. He took the shot in the neck, felt dizzy and couldn't breath at first. It was quite a shocking spectacle as Henrik Lundqvist fell face first into the crease, moaned with pain and then skated off, leaving his stick, with Boyle in pursuit. I hope to god he's ok and continues to be ok.

@stevezipay Lundqvist, with red welt on neck, says puck caught him between mask and throat pad. Expects stiffness to go away in few hours

@agrossrecord Lundqvist says it took him a couple of minutes to regain breath. He's been icing his neck. Turned his head from shot, exposed neck.

@AGrossRecord Lundqvist went off ice so quickly he left his stick behind. Boyle still looks shaken.

@stevezipay Tortorella says he didn't see shot drill Lundqvist, but knew he was OK "when he started throwing sticks around."

@jimcerny Torts called Brian "Dr. Boyle" for rushing off ice right behind Hank after the injury; others joked he went off to pack his bags!

@jimcerny someone said they heard Hank crying in dressing room afterwards, PR jumped in "no, that was Boyler!"

@jimcerny Plenty of joking in #NYR dressing room at Brian Boyle's expense since he took shot that hit Hank in neck

@stevezipay: Lundqvist is 'fine' Boyle says. "I will be too, soon"


Anonymous_HLFAN said...

I laughed at Dr. Boyle bit. Must of felt pretty guilty...LoL

Lundqvist will be fine to play tonite.

christine said...

I'm wondering if he'll be ok. It depends on how fast that puck was going. A 90mph shot to the neck is going to cause some damage internally. Stiff neck, vertebrae out of alignment, headaches. I guess we'll find out how bad he's doing over the next few days.

Joezayfan said...

Sounds painful! I bet Boyle felt awful! I bet it will be sore for a while, that's for sure.

Anonymous_HLFAN said...

Don't be soo negative,LOL - You read it yourself they iced it, he'll be fine.

The worst thing is he might have is a bruise on his neck. They have good doctors on stand by.

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