Vote Henrik Lundqvist as Hottest NHL Player

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Motherpucker is having another hottest man in NHL contest this year. The last contest was in 2009 and guess who walked away as the Hottest NHL Player? KING HENRIK!

It's two years later and he's running another contest. Post a comment on his post and mention who you think the hottest players are. Then he'll make up the polls and the real voting will start. From what I can see, we need more mentions of Henrik in the comments so that he makes the polls. Go over and comment that he's the hottest! I think Jose Theodore comes in 2nd. He takes good pics for sure.


ram11273 said...

I don't think we need to vote...It's pretty damn obvious that he's the hottest guy in ANY sport.

ram11273 said...

There's no need to vote. It's pretty damn obvious that he is the hottest guy in ANY sport.

Joezayfan said...

Well I had to go with my #1 guy and vote for José. Sorry!! But I would've voted for Henrik 2nd if I could've. ;o)

christine said...

GASP You have to turn in your Henrik fan card young lady! LOL

Joezayfan said...

Hahaha!! I know! Henrik was definitely my first hockey crush last Spring. But when I found José over the summer, my heart was forever stolen away. ;o)

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