Henrik Lundqvist fights Max Pacioretty!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tonight I missed the game because NHL Gamecenter Live blacked out the game. And therefore I missed a rare unicorn, something I thought I'd never see: Henrik Lundqvist went bat shit crazy and gave a viking smackdown to an opposing player.

Thanks to reader Sarah for the video and heads up.

Blueshirt Banter: Lundqvist blew his cork late in the second when Max Pacioretty drove into him and knocked him down. Lundqvist jumped Pacioretty and pounded on him like Ralphie pounded on Scott Farcus in "A Christmas Story".

5 Hole: Pacioretty got two minutes for goaltender interference, Gionta and Dubinsky each got two for roughing and Lundqvist went unpenalized.


Anonymous said...


mehe... henrik's selling shampoo... it's godawful... =D

Anonymous said...

Christine, where are you!!!? :'(

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