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Friday, December 31, 2010

henrik lundqvist new ranger sweater

Anyone heard about that new info directory site called spokeo? Just heard about it from Boing Boing and is it a bit surprising. It compiles info on anybody from everywhere or so it says. There is a lot of info that you wouldn't expect to be there, but it is also missing some obvious info.

So, new people info directory and what do I do? I put in Henrik's name, of course! And yes it's New Year's Eve, but there's a nasty blizzard outside, interstates and roads are closed and I've got pneumonia anyway so what else am I going to do?

It's got his first location in the US in Tarrytown, NY but it's the address and phone number of the MSG Training Center! LOL It misses the New York, NY addresses completely. There are two other addresses for Port Washington, NY and East Meadow, NY. Did he ever live there or is there actually another Henrik Lundqvist out there?
henrik lundqvist bitchin
I don't want to scare anyone, but according to archives.org there's a marriage record out there for a Henrik Lundqvist.

And Henrik's website is officially gone. Henrik-lundqvist.com was bought by a domainer and it just has ads on it now. :(

According to 123people.com it's got Henrik's email address as my email from this blog! No wonder I'm getting emails in Swedish from people thinking I'm Henrik! How the heck did that happen. The funny thing is that they either want to be a chef at his new restaurant, reserve a table, or stop in to visit him when they come to New York. I have absolutely no idea who to forward these emails on so that they reach Henrik.
henrik lundqvist


Anna said...

Not that I know how that website works, but both Henrik and Lundqvist are very common Swedish names. There must be many, many Henrik Lundqvists out there, even outside Sweden.

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