Hank is a Beast. We Knew That.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jim Cerny, beat writer with the NY Rangers, devotes a very long article to Henrik today. And with good reason. Henrik has been a rock for the Rangers for years but one fact that really makes him stand out is that Henrik can do something stunning, absolutely abysmally shocking and bounce back the very next day to smack the crap out of the Capitals with one hell of a shut out. Hank is a beast.

The next night, after he bounced back with a 31-save shutout---his league-leading fifth of the season---backstopping the Rangers to a 7-0 victory over the Capitals, I asked Lundqvist when he was able to let go of that bad goal and disappointing loss.

"Not until during the day today," Lundqvist responded. "It really bothered me and I was really frustrated and disappointed. I was so glad (Tortorella) put me in (Sunday) so that I could just get it out of my system. Sometimes when I am upset with myself I use it as energy. This was the answer I was looking for."

But the real reason why the Rangers laid it on the line in the waning moments on Sunday is that they knew---they saw---how painful it was for Lundqvist to let them down 24 hours earlier. Now they wanted to reward the goalie they respect, admire, and trust to the max by helping him secure an important shutout to fully erase the pain he felt in Columbus.

"Hank is our rock back there and we want him to have success," said Brandon Dubinsky. "I think the big thing for us was the way he responded. He was amazing. We wanted to lock it down and get (the shutout) for him because of the way he showed up (Sunday) night and the way he responded."

I predict this team is going to go far. There was some electric energy before the season started and now that it's been rolling along for a few months, that feeling gets even stronger.

Yes I'm back. Had to take time off to get away from the semi anonymous idiots and deal with a family medical emergency.


Anna said...

Yay, you're back!

Love that article, and it was already the feeling I had about the Rangers this year. They seem tight and really hard working. Just hope they can keep going like this the whole season. Love how they managed to make it a shutout together as a team, I think it helped him so much to get passed that crushing goal he let in.

And last night's game was good too. Hope they can keep it going against Phoenix.

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