Henrik Likes Cheesecake & the Vezina

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Henrik Lundqvist 2
Which is really not much of a surprise, considering he's one big happy piece of cheesecake himself! Twitterer @amanda8713 heard that Henrik was at the Cheesecake Factory the night of Dec 14th. No word on what cheesecake he ordered. I'm partial to the turtle myself.

The Hockey News has Henrik at spot number 8 for Vezina contender this season.

8. Henrik Lundqvist - Continues to be the finest New York has to offer. Lundqvist has faced the sixth-most shots in the league and is tied with Thomas atop the NHL with five shutouts.

I, of course, would like to see him near the top of the list. I'm pretty damn sure he does too. I wouldn't be surprised though, if he moves to the top three spots by the end of the season.


Anna said...

I would love to see him at the top too, but to be honest I think it's fair that he isn't. The past games have been really good and he's been playing well overall in my opinion, but there's been some shaky moments. I really feel like he's getting there more and more though and I expect him to move up on the list during the season.

CR9 said...

Ive been waiting for a new post! Yipppeee!

LGR! We Want the Cup! Henrik wants the Cup!

Most importantly, is your daughter any better, Christine?

CR9 said...

You are right on, Anna.

Hankie started out slowly, but he is coming on strong once again. I wouldnt expect anything else from such a great person/goalie as Hankie!

Maybe this will be the year that he starts out slowly and finishes strong with the Cup, rather than start quick out of the gate and fall off towards the end of the season like year's past.

Big help is Biron! Great backup goalie!

Anonymous said...

I Def Hate to See Tim Thomas on that TOP List

Hank Should be in the TOP 5.PERIOD!

Anna said...

Even if you dislike Tim Tomas, he does deserve the spot in my opinion, and right now purely by how they've played I think the list is quite right. What I want it to be, that's a whole other story :)

But I really have confidence in Henriks game, I think he's going to move up through the year. He should be on top, but he needs to work a little more to get there.

Anna said...

Henke was on Swedish tv today, on the bingolotto show on tv4. Short clip and he didn't say too much (bought some flowers though), but he looked all 'terminator' in a tight leather jacket and with sunglasses.

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