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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Henrik has been on the cover of King Magazine at least twice. He's been voted best dressed male a few times as well. So it's no surprise that the magazine that shares a name with our guy Hank, hung out with him all day basking in his awesomeness. I just want to know how to get a job where I hang out and interview Henrik all day!

On Tuesday, King took morning flight to Copenhagen for a day with the New York Rangers goalie, who is also King's most frequent cover personal, Henke Lundqvist. Read about all his new fans, the shampoo commercials affected his life and his top New York-tips.

Henke, what does the immediate future look like?
- Next week, I got married in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. We are 30 people, family and closest friends, who live in three houses on the waterfront in a few days. After that I go back to Sweden in a few weeks. I had among other things, meant trying to take in a visit to Tiger's show at fashion week in Stockholm. I like their costumes. In late August I fly home to New York in mid-September start training with the team there. In early October, I fly back to Sweden to play for Rangers in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. Should be really fun to see guys on the team Sweden!

Many trips across the Atlantic. How do you jet lag?
- Good, thanks! I have learned to unwind and relax more fully as soon as I sit in an airplane seat. With ear plugs and face mask, I usually fall asleep without any problems on the way to Sweden. When I travel with the team we fly always in his own plane, which also increases comfort slightly.

Last spring, you opened a restaurant in New York. Tell us!
- It's a place in three planes in an old building from the 1800s located in Tribeca at 135 West Broadway. The food is slightly to the direction American home cooking, we are including a cheescake with peanut butter and marshmallows are completely incomparable. The brain behind is Matt Abramcyk from the Beatrice Inn and Tiny's is entirely a pet project of mine that I invested in along with some other guys from the team. This, I think we go with the winners of the King contest after you have seen a Rangers match Madison Square Garden in late October.

Certainly sounds like a plan. Where do you find yourself there when you do not hang on Tiny's or Madison Square Garden?
- Yes, it's a lot of training and it takes place 30 minutes outside of town. Otherwise I'm pretty much at home in our newly renovated apartment. The carrier I like Beer Garden at The Standard Hotel. Clothing to buy in SOHO.

Whether you have an eye on hockey or not, you have to Swedish in recent months been able to get to know you as the face of shampot Head & Shoulders. How has the impact been?
- After some months in Sweden feels like it's been tremendous. Two examples:
I walk home late one night in Gothenburg. The sun starts to go up, a car slows down and twenty feet from me the driver cranks down the window and shouts:
"Henk, WHAT are you thinking?"
"RELAXATION" I replied and he looked quite pleased.
- A few days later I am in the park with my Maserati GT when two guys stop and comment on the car. When I get out will be boys spontaneous comment:
"It's he from shampoo commercials!"
- I realize that advertising must have been a few times and that now is not only associated with hockey.

A few more movies?
- Yes, it's more for Head & Shoulders and this time is myself with and influence the content. There must be more humor now.

Speaking of advertising, by the way: with your brother, you campaigned course of Brothers, among other Kings tuxedo for about a year ago. How did it feel?
- I remember I liked the picture with a velvet jacket is best. The picture was taken outside the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and with Ferrari in the picture was really neat.

Finally, what are you wearing today?
- The jacket is in reindeer from a new Swedish brand named Stephen F. jeans are from Tiger shirt by Atlas Design and suede boots are from a brand named J. Bloom. The clock is a Hamilton and sunglasses from Prada.
Per Nilsson


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